“Quality is not and act is a habit” aristotle

Romano Assaidi begin his journey on Furniture Industries at young age. He starts business at 20 years old. Working on German company in Malang, East Java as Field Manager.

He found its interest doing design after 10 years in Industries of OEM business. By creating his own signature line of modern furniture. We started our journey towards greatness in 2013, when the Brand Sunteak Living was launched at the International Furniture Fair Indonesia . Back on 2006 born company was set up for OEM Manufacturer with production of International Brand from USA and Europe. Company starts with small area 2,900m2 with employee 30 people. And today we have expand the facility into 10,000 m2 with employee over 200 people.

We are looking to expand our business with looking for partnership in Europe, US and around the world.

Great things with in house production is we can play as much as we want with different materials and develop new idea to see how its works at very best application.”
Romano Assaidi





Together with the highly recognised and award winning furniture architect, Finn Ostergaard, educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and creator of the Albert Chair, Sunteak Living is currently working on bringing together the best of two worlds. The brilliance of Ostergaard’s drawing skills and our superior quality. Recently, Ostergaard has won both gold and silver at the CIFF fair.